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Fathers Day Video | Social Media Video Production | Our Work

Social Media Campaign Video Production- Fathers Day Video for MCIS Life A father is someone you look up to, no matter how tall you grow. This year Father’s Day, we presented this Father’s Day social media video for our client MCIS Life.In the story, we are portraying how a father being positioned by the little… Read More

Social Media Campaign Video | Men’s Health Month | MCIS Life | Our Works

Social Media Campaign Video – Men’s Health Month for MCIS Life. Men’s Health Month falls on every June of the year. The purpose of Men’s Health Month is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys. Even though the vast majority of the… Read More

Hari Raya Video | MCIS | Digital Video Production

Mission Due to the on-going pandemic, this year all of the festive is going through a new norm. Many people are not able to gather with their families for the celebration. In this project, our mission is to produce a digital video content that showcases how people are celebrating the festival in the new norm…. Read More

Our Works | Industrial Video Production | Syncoate

Industrial Video Production Mission In this project, we engaged by Syncoate to produce an Industrial Video to showcase their new coating production facilities and brand capabilities. The primary usage of the video is to be played over the international trade exhibition to increase brand exposure to the audience. We completed the project from pre-production to… Read More

Our Works | C-SUITE | MCIS Life | LinkedIn Corporate Video

Mission We always believe that everyone has a story to tell and people story able to connect the brand and their audiences. Our mission is to produce video series of the C-level members at MCIS Life share about their life and story for LinkedIn Audience. Client: MCIS LifeCampaign: C-SUITE LinkedIn Corporate Video Crew Director: ShanghwanDP:… Read More

Showcase | YI BEI ZI Series | Digital Campaign Video Mission Our mission is to produce one minute digital campaign video series that deliver the message of insurance isn’t just a protection. It’s also a commitment of care and love to the loved ones. Client: MCIS LifeCampaign: YiBeiZi Crew Director: ShanghwanDP: Jason ChinMakeup and Styling: Tanya Post-Production: Avy Teo Title: YiBeiZi Series Let’s Explore and… Read More

Our Works | Corporate Visual | NIITSU | Photography & Video Production

Mission Our mission is to revamp the corporate industrial photography and as well produce a brand new Corporate Industrial Video for the launch of their new official corporate website. Direction of Photography – We emphasise on the skill-in-action/candid action to showcase the efforts behind the brand on producing high quality products. Direction of Corporate Video… Read More

Our Works | Factory & Industrial Photography | AGRI ASIA

Mission Our mission is to produce a series of industrial photography that showcase the capabilities and efforts behind the oil refinery station. The direction of Photography – We focus on the skill-in-action of the machinery and workers from the in-bound to the out delivery of the final refined oil products. Besides that, we also deployed… Read More


Mission Our mission is to produce a series of photography and video content that showcase the activities and lifestyle experience available in the resort for the official website and social media posting. The direction of Video – Mainly focuses on the activities and lifestyle experience available in the island resort. The direction of Photography –… Read More