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Sharing from Shanghwan | Podcast Interview with The Bright Side

Shanghwan (The Founder and Creative Director of 8THREE) invited to participate in a podcast interview with The Bright Side. In this podcast, Shanghwan will share about: The experience in starting 8THREE and managing the creative business. How he manages the client’s expectation and build a strong communication chain. What’s his opinion on User-generated contents and… Read More

“ATTENTION” the Businesses & Brands should invest

You might have heard the saying that “Attention is the new currency.” The “Currency” here does not refer to the financial term, it sees as the “Attention” – getting the right attention from the right people at the right platforms. “I remember back in childhood time, how do I know there is the latest toy/product… Read More

Why Factory & Industrial business need videos

The importance and need of videos is nothing fresh and secret in this digital fast-growing world. A common question we got asked most of the time from prospects and clients: “Is it worth to invest in video?” “Is it a necessary to have a video about my business?” The simple answer is YES and here’s the reason… Read More