Question To Ask Before Create A Video – WHY DO WE NEED A VIDEO

What are the question to ask before create a video?

Question To Ask Before Create A Video - WHY DO WE NEED A VIDEO - 8THREE

We always believe:

“Everyone has a story to tell and every business/brand has it’s own way to amplify their story.”

We spend a fair amount of time with clients in discussing and assisting them in finding out the best way to tell their stories through video.

Over time, we compiled a list of questions that we will run through with clients and assist them in finding the ANSWER.

In this sharing, we will focus on the most crucial question: WHY Do We Need A Video / What’s the Purpose of The Video.

To create or produce a video is beyond:

“I need a video on my website.”

“The management want a video for the company.”

As a business and brand it is always good to understand this, a video isn’t for telling everything. This will deliver confusing message and hard to measure the result.

A high-impact video should achieve a clear WHY or purpose, like:

What triggered us to the decision of creating a video? (WHY)

Sometime, we are influenced by the latest trends or what the competitors done. This is not a clear WHY we need to have a video.

It is good to think deeply on what really triggered the decision of having a video for the business/brand.

Is there a challenge that we try to overcome through a video? (HOW)

“Every solution is design to solve a problem.”

The real scenario from our client: “Due to the pandemic lockdown, the sales representative to having difficulty in physically approach new prospect.
We created a pre-sales video for them to deliver the company values and product showcase before the in-depth sales process.”

Is this video for Branding, Marketing or Sales? (WHAT)

Branding, marketing and sales is often the brand and business blend it together. The truth is, they are three different science formula.

It’s good for the business / brand to identify what exactly they wish to achieve from the video:

Branding – To communicate the vision, mission and values of the company.

(Example: For business / brand that has zero digital appearance or just begin and need a lot more eye balls attention.)

Marketing – To build the attention from thew potential audience or to boost the loyalty from existing audiences.

Sales – There is a ROI here! 

(Example: Introduction of a new launch product from the business/brand to the audience and triggered their desire to purchase)

We will continue to share more information and knowledge to assist businesses and brands to build a high-impact video. Let’s follow us on INSTARAM and FACEBOOK for more updates.