“ATTENTION” the Businesses & Brands should invest

You might have heard the saying that “Attention is the new currency.”

The “Currency” here does not refer to the financial term, it sees as the “Attention” – getting the right attention from the right people at the right platforms.

Attention the businesses and brands need to invest-1

“I remember back in childhood time, how do I know there is the latest toy/product release in the market? Through all the unskippable Tv commercial ads that interrupted halfway of my favourite show and I am sure many of you who been through this would have this thinking sometimes: “I wish I could skip the ads with a button pressed.”

Well! A dream come true!” 

Now, things changed.

The power shifted from being at the hands of the hands of the companies to the consumers.

They can skip the Tv commercials, tuned out the radio ads and any attempt to enter their awareness.

All of this is made possible because of the revolution of Digital platforms and social media.

Attention the businesses and brands need to invest-2

As for the brands and businesses, this is not the end of the world.

“Some of our customers who run their business for 20 ~ 30 over the years ever told us when we first met them, they feel the growth of the internet is a threat to their business.”

This is definitely not true, and we think it is an opportunity for the businesses and brands to leverage on the advance of the internet and social media to land the right “ATTENTION” from the right audience at the right platform.

What is this “ATTENTION” we are talking about here? – The content! Be it in the form of visual, graphics or motion.

At 8THREE, we provide our skill and knowledge to assist our customers (Businesses and Brands) in producing visual contents that grab the right attention from the right people at the right platform.

About The Author

Founder & Creative Director

The brain and spirit behind 8THREE. Shanghwan is a missionary who mission to merge Creativity, Visual and Story Together to form a visual story that holds it audience captive.

He also had the vision to lift up the standard of the creative section. He conducted talks and seminar over the different academy and education institution to inspire and motivate the upcoming creative industry.