“Musang King” Durian from Raub to Overseas


We assisted BEHO Fresh to introduce the Musang King durian for the public to understand it’s farm and process, the grown life and how the farmer ensures each of the “Musang King” in good quality and fresh.


BEHO Fresh Sdn Bhd


Raub is a place which everyone knew as “Durian region” because it is a place where every best durian comes from.

The nutrient of the soil and climate of the farm provide a good opportunity to grow the durian in suitable condition.

Based on the quality of the growing farm, it produces the high nutritional of durians as “Musang King” leads a big popularity of locals and foreigners to love it so much.

Also, it requires some tools and techniques to prevent durians get damaged when it’s falling on the ground. Every department of people is using 100% effort to take care of the durians. They find every possible way to prevent the worst and creates the best.

Last but not least, they use new freezing technology to keep the durians fresh and it able them to send it overseas to China and Hong Kong.


To educate and promote the precious of “Durian”, we created a documentary film that showcases how “Musang King” Durian kept being fresh and the hard-work of every department of people.