People Story: Shanghwan The Visual Storyteller

For the first “PEOPLE STORY” we have the brain behind 8THREE!
The founder of 8THREE! – SHANGHWAN
people story

Hi Shanghwan! Let’s begin!

What’s the story behind the brand name 8THREE?

Both number Eight and Three are my favourite character, it’s my life philosophy.

The number 8 like an infinity loop of life, we will never always be on stop neither stay in the bottom.
There’s WIN and LOSE in life journey.

The number 3 is a self-reminder, there’s always a better, smarter or greater person next to us.
Never stop learning and improving!

What 8THREE do?

8THREE is a social media and marketing content specialist, we help our client save time for the need for quality and visual storytelling photos and videos to engage with the audience.

Currently, we focus a lot on hospitality and tourism brands.

What’s your responsibility in 8THREE?

I’m responsible to ensure brands understand the importance of Content Marketing and why they should invest in contents.

Sometimes I do creative direction, photography and networking too.

How to define Quality and Visual Storytelling in the core of 8THREE?

There are two cores in our company:

Quality: We create photos and videos content that resonate with brand identity

Visual Storytelling: We create photos and videos content that fit target audience preference.

Describe yourself in ONE word


ONE thing you wish to achieve in 3 years, WHY?

Setup a training centre that provides skill training and motivation for underprivileged youngster out there for free!
Incidents that happen in my family that made me realise, they just need a chance!

What would you tell the young entrepreneurs?

KINDNESS is the key to Success.

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