Melaka Attraction and Tourism


Introduce the beauty of Melaka River and establish the cultural buildings over the centuries into a new modern plus historical video for “Chinese tourists”.


Beaks Development Sdn Bhd & PPSPM


Melaka is not just a place for tourisms but also a multitude of art and cultural heaven. Being a harbour city on Asia’s first super-highway, it is called as a cultural exchange with a crossroads of more than five continents: Muslim, China, India, Baba-Nyonya, Portuguese, Holland and British. These main continents shape Melaka’s cultural over hundreds of years until today.

In Melaka, every brick of the cultural buildings as temples or churches, they are much older than everyone alive, even our ancestors. Every step you walk on the street, it always takes you to the middle of historical stories.

Meanwhile, the Chinese structures and streets have its own unique characteristics and they actually represent the China Histories. They are not built for decorations or visualize items to please the tourists but some precious stories behind every corner of these buildings and memorandum structures. Each step inside of these buildings tells you the secret and interesting tales that you would not know about it.

It is not just a Melaka, it is a home for everyone to stay comfortable.


To bring out the beautifulness of Melaka through this commercial film, it carries a new travelling movement of modern ways to attach to the cultural views. This creative direction is meant to target more “Chinese tourists”. Inside the film, it tells-out journeys and stories every second to present Melaka unique cultural places.

To exceed the goals, the comments “feedback” and reactions from the internet users and social media will be one of the big measurements to link with the results.