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Chakaboom Fitness in Kuala Lumpur |Choreography Video

Choreography film/video production it’s definitely something new to us. 8THREE video team produced a choreography video for Chakaboom Fitness “Featuring Sachiko Kataoka” during their latest visit to Kuala Lumpur. We selected KLCC park and KLCC building as the background to present the iconic landscape of Malaysia. Agency: The SWEAT Nation Videographer: Jason Chin Let’s watch and enjoy their energetic movement! Let’s… Read More

Melaka Attraction and Tourism

Introduce the beauty of Melaka River and establish the cultural buildings over the centuries into a new modern plus historical video for “Chinese tourists”. Beaks Development Sdn Bhd & PPSPM Melaka is not just a place for tourisms but also a multitude of art and cultural heaven. Being a harbour city on Asia’s first super-highway,… Read More